Entrepreneur. Producer. Growth Hacker.
I live and lead a life around a trifecta of health, wealth, and love. Every-day I aspire to: empower, educate and enlighten. Currently pursuing business in the tech, entertainment and eCommerce markets.




Kevin Steineman is a signed model/actor under Stars, the Agency.

He is also a new media producer, film maker and creator of Kevin's Health Show.
Kevin Steineman works with early and late-stage eCommerce businesses that want to: achieve viral hypergrowth, bolster social brand awareness, and optimize monetization across popular search, social and mobile networks.
Kevin Steineman is the Founder and Owner of : MobileMinute.info.
A mobile news publication.

He is the author of the App Launch Blueprint, published in 2012. A book dedicated to educating web and mobile app developers  on the underlying principles of launching into a new mobile platform (iOS/Google Play).

Sillicon Valley Code Camp
- Mobile user acquisition, retention, and monetization.

San Francisco State University, -
"What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing Camp, SF - The 5 must knows for mobile marketing.

Co-Founder and CEO of: BrandBuilders.Online

Best considered: Growth Hacker, Producer, Entrepreneur.
What others have said..
"..able to achieve in only the first 30-days worth mentioning are:
Ranked 6/3 of the keywords we were targeting via SEO. Increased our social followings from between 28%,343%, and 829% on Twitter,Instagram, and Pinterest, respectively. Our engagement across a multitude of channels also increased anywhere from: 27% and 400%. Brand Builders also aided us in optimizing our email efforts and helped us generate an additional 52 leads, and 3-sales within these first 30-days .."
" Showed us how to effectively implement an SEO strategy to rank for keywords that had high search volume to capitalize on desktop and mobile search traffic to drive users from the search engines towards our product site and our application on the App Store.
 Implemented and directed us on the use of a social strategy that has grown our social presence across 2 major platforms more than 700%."

Douglas Pearson 

Founder Pants Up Easy

Bobby Davidworf 

Co-Founder Jam Music
...Within his first 2-days he was able to devise a complex strategy to maximize user engagement across multiple time frames, as well as the best methods to monetize them per their respective verticals, in addition to where would be the best places to acquire users that would yield the highest LTV...

Ran Dividi 

Director of Product, Sikka Software

Omega Zumpano

Brand Director, DiscoverHealth
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